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How to search in Kingdom Seek

Just enter one or more searchwords separated by spaces. Don't use characters like: " * +

Searchwords are connected by default with OR, so Kingdom Seek finds all entries, containing either one or the other searchword. - Searching with AND finds pages containing both searchwords in the searchresult. It's ok to enter searchwords in lower case.
If you enter revival Kingdom Seek also finds Revival.
The Extended Search offers you some added options for your search.

How to submit URLs to Kingdom Seek

Kingdom Seek searches the index looking within "title", "description" and "URL".
So we recommend using a meaningful title and a good description of your site, containing some good keywords, that people might be looking for for your type of site. But please don't just string keywords together, but try a description that makes sense. Please enter the full URL including: http://.

You may submit your site to one other category, if the subject matter would fit in there.

Before we accept your site we'll visit your site, and send you an email to notify your submission has been accepted. - Generally within 7 working days.

Note: We also run a professional submission service, where we submit your site to more than 70 other search engines, incl. Christian ones

Behind the scenes of Kingdom Seek ...

Kingdom Seek is owned and run by Rob Strakovits, co-worker of a ministry called Christian Internet Service, one of Europe's largest Christian Internet Provider.

Rob's home church is the Community Church in Southampton, UK. Rob's been to bible college and worked as a missionary in Christian literature. He is holder of various diplomas such as Translation, Marketing and Economics. Our aim is to provide content and a search portal for Christians and hope to serve the whole church of Jesus Christ this way.

The contents of Kingdom Seek

Everyone who offers a website with christian content, may submit his/her pages to this search engine and directory. Before adding any page we check the content of the site to see if it complies with the Christian beliefs as found in the bible, and stated by the Evangelical Alliance. If a URL can not be reached the page is not added.

Important: We don't take any responsibility for any of the links, their titles or descriptions, nor the contents of the websites that the links lead to. Tradenames are the sole property of the respective owners.

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