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When using directory search:
Just enter one or several keywords with space(s), choose one of the options - and click Search.

  • If you choose Single Keywords and join with AND you'll get results showing both search words within the results.
  • If you pick Whole Phrase you'll get exactly that phrase, if found.
  • The default for all the other searchboxes within Kingdom Seek is OR, so all links will be shown that contain one or the other search word. - For searches with AND, you are after both of the search words within the search results - pick the corresponding option next to the searchbox.
  • Normally you may enter search words in lower case. For if you enter southampton you will find Southampton also.
However avoid the following:
  • Don't enter whole sentences like: Jesus walked about doing good. Specially if joined up with OR, for Kingdom Seek will find everything: Jesus, walked, about, doing, good etc. - Very confusing, if you then get 467 search results...
  • Don't enter any bible passages like Genesis 1:18 - there is a bible search on the homepage of Kingdom Seek.
  • No need to enter characters like + or " or * in the search box.
  • No need to enter the actual words: AND or OR in the search box.

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